One of the original PC hardware communities, the members of Icrontic have evolved since 1999 into a broader audience of gamers, tech enthusiasts, and all-around classy geeks “Livin’ the Icrontic Life”. We say Icrontic is “Troll free since 2003,” which is when Short-Media took over its management. Its storied history is a great read, and its outstanding members have become some of our closest friends.


NewBuddhist is the little forum that could. Growing from a nucleus of half a dozen new Buddhists in 2003 to a booming forum with hundreds of comments a week, this site is a shining example what of patience and careful cultivation can bring to community management. By carefully monitoring the tone of conversation and enlisting the help of outstanding moderators, this is a place people can discuss deeply personal topics with unparalleled composure.


It started off as a casual discussion about how awesome it would be to live in Detroit and turned into a full-fledged movement of people putting their money where their mouths are and taking the steps to move into America’s 21st century Renaissance City. IntoDetroit is a story about friendship, business, and a true movement to make positive change in a city of endless possibilities.

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